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Norpartners is, together with Norplast and ScanPanel, a supplier of product development, manufacturing and assembly of products and components in fiber reinforced thermoset plastic (FRP).

Norpartners offers a wide range of services from project management to series production of FRP.



  • Customer support
  • Industrial Designing
  • Construction Drawings
  • Prototypes
  • Series Production
  • Customized products on request










  • Composite sandwich panels






  • Assambling of Truck and Trailer bodies for cargo 


Norpartners offers a broad range of production methods to meet the customer requirements for weight, strength, stiffness, thermal conductivity, price etc. Norplast has an extensive experience in production methods such as hand lay-up, spray-up, vacuum infusion and RTM light.

Norplast has produced continuously in Latvia since 1995.